Northern Cyprus offers an area of investment for local and foreign investors that is both convenient and equal thanks to its strategic geographic location.

Having improved infrastructure in place, Northern Cyprus is a very alluring region for your investments.   In addition to the quality of the existing business environment, Northern Cyprus also offers various investment incentives for direct investments.  Moreover, through its small but rapidly growing economy, Northern Cyprus offers many economic advantages to both local and foreign investors.

The qualified and young manpower generated by a good number of universities coupled by the high literacy rate is but one advantage among many that is offered to prospective investors by the Northern Cyprus.   Owing to close geographical proximity and the cultural and lingual affinities, Turkey, with its approximate population of 70 million, is another significant source of manpower.  

The current political stance in Northern Cyprus aims for permanent solution in the island and joining in the European Union.   Through positive political progress, significant developments are expected to happen on the island in terms of investment opportunities and investments.  

We would like you, investors, to know that there are constructive and supportive government policies in place in the Northern Island in order to improve the business environment which are intended for both domestic and foreign investors. 

Higher Education Sector is one of the most significant sectors in the Northern Island due to its contribution to the balance of payments and national economy.   There are 9 Universities in the country where students from many different countries come to study. 

Following table shows the number of students expected to enroll to those universities in the coming years.

The steady increase in the number of tourists visiting the country is also another draw for the investors.  Incentives provided by the government and the interest expressed by the private sector for this particular market serve to improve Cyprus more and more every day.
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